Desert Journey School of Dance describes the journey through each of the styles of Belly Dancing.  The journey from Traditional Egyptian to Cabaret, Tribal Fusion to Urban Tribal, and other Fusion styles.  Our school celebrates all forms of Middle Eastern and Fusion dance, providing a wide variety of classes to teach you all about belly dancing movements, the different styles, and the history of Middle Eastern dance.  Desert Journey dancers perform at festivals and functions throughout the west, including Fusion Fest in Idaho, the Las Vegas Bellydance Intensive, and Utah's very own Springfest.  They also host the Utah Summer Dance Festival in coordination with Salt City Studio.

Desert Journey is located at 1367 South Major Street in Salt Lake City, Utah (Major Street is between State and Main Street at 50 East).  We offer a variety of instructional classes designed to take you through the journey from Beginning to Advanced, from Egyptian to Tribal, with several opportunities to perform.  We also offer a variety of Technique classes and Specialty courses designed to teach you Isolation, Improvisation & Choreographing, Floorwork, Skirt flare, Veils,
Zills (finger cymbals) and more.  We design belly dance classes to be fun and educational, and to increase your strength, flexibility, and overall fitness.

Desert Journey offers several performing groups in each of the varying styles.  The student performing groups consist of  Azra Adara, Amani, Bellywood/Gypsy Fusion class (performing optional), Eden (performing optional), Nepenthe, Ventus, Xanthera, and Zoraya!  Amani is an intermediate level Egyptian Fusion performing group with a little twist in techno, dubstep and lyrical taught by Fvorboda.  Azra Adara is a beginning/intermediate level Urban Tribal Fusion dance group taught by Myhrkeeri.  Desert Journey Dance Company is a professional collaborative consisting of teachers at Desert Journey.  Dragomi is a professional Urban Tribal fusion group in the "Dragon" style developed by Fvorboda.  Eden is a beginning/intermediate multi-level Egyptian group taught by Eve--take it as a class or perform with the group.  Desert Journey's Improvisatioal style is Electro-Fusion Style (EFS) from beginning through advanced combinations, taught by Tiarra.  Nepenthe is an advanced level Urban Tribal group fusing together Tribal roots with an alternative twist taught by Fvorboda. Samruna is a mulit-level World Dance class taught by Leyla with special instruction in a variety of dance styles and props; performing is optional.  Ventus is a beginning/intermediate level Bellydance Fusion performing group taught by Eve.  Xanthera is an intermediate/advanced level Dark Tribal Fusion group taught by Fvorboda.   Zoraya is a intermediate/advanced level Egyptian Cabaret group taught by Angelia.

Want to see us perform?  Please check out the  EVENTS page for the upcoming schedule.  We perform at many venues throughout the valley, including our own Utah Summer Dance Festival in coordination with Salt City Studio, Thia's SpringFest, the Utah Arts Festival, Dark Arts, Winter Faire, Fusion Fest in Idaho, and many other belly dance fundraisers, haflas, and festivals!


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