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As part of the "journey" through all the different types of Middle Eastern dance,
Desert Journey School of Dance provides a wide variety of classes for you to choose from:  Egyptian (Traditional), Cabaret (Traditional Egyptian),
Fusion Styles including Egyptian Fusion, Tribal Fusion, and Urban Tribal.
We also offer several Technique classes, Prop classes, and Specialized classes designed to increase your dance knowledge and abilities.  For information on current and future classes,
or contact the teacher for more information.


Beginning Bellies 1-3
Beginning Bellies classes are low-impact classes designed to introduce students to the basic movements and posture of Traditional Egytptian Belly Dance.  Beginning Bellies 1 is the first class offered and is recommended for those that have no dance experience and/or minimal aerobic activity.  All beginners may start at either Beginning 1 or 2.  Beginning Bellies 2 is faster-paced and you learn additional moves not taught in Beginning 1.  Beginning 3 is a new step in the Beginning Bellies series and will introduce you to some arm movements along with choreography to provide extra practice to lead you to the Intermediate level.
TAUGHT BY: Eve, Fvorboda

Beginning/Intermediate Combos
This Beginning/Intermediate Combos course is created to introduce belly dance moves as well as improve a dancer's command of the dance moves previously learned. Combinations are created from beginning and intermediate moves. Dancers will drill the combos to create muscle memory and mastery of the group of moves when performed together. Each combination will be drilled to create an entire choreography.  All levels welcome, from those who have never tried belly dance to those who have taken classes previously!

Intermediate Bellies 1-3
Intermediate Bellies is a continued introduction to Belly dance designed to teach more of the basic movements, as well as using movements from previous classes in new ways.  Students will learn a variety of new moves and incorporate more of the beginning movements into a structured class.  Each level of Intermediate Bellies adds new understanding; the higher the level, the harder the class.  It is recommended that students start with Intermediate 1 or 2 after graduating from Beginning Bellies and continue from there.  Intermediate 1 teaches the Beginning Bellies movements in "reverse".  Intermediate 2 continues by teaching basic layering as well as movements in "reverse".  Intermediate 3 adds more intensity by teaching formation work along with an introduction to layering techniques, and prepares students for Advanced and Performing level classes.
PRE-REQUISITES: One Beginning level class is required.
TAUGHT BY: Eve, Fvorboda

Advanced Bellies 1-3
Advanced Bellies is an extension of belly dance, designed to teach more difficult moves and combinations.  These classes teach a variety of moves students can use in performances, both in a group performance and in solo work, as well as introduces a variety of musical ideas to advance students as belly dancers.  The Advanced Bellies 3 class incorporates the use of veil technique into the choreography.  One Veil Technique class is recommended prior to taking this third class.
PRE-REQUISITES: One Beginning Class and One Intermediate class is required. One Veil Technique class is recommended for Advanced Bellies 3.
TAUGHT BY: Eve, Fvorboda


Beginning Cabaret
Beginning Cabaret is a low-medium impact class designed to introduce students to the basic movements and posture of Cabaret Belly Dance.  Beginning Cabaret is recommended for those that have little or no dance experience.  See also "Zoraya" performing group.
TAUGHT BY: Angelia


Tribal Fusion
The Beginning Tribal Fusion class incorporates the strength and postures of tribal belly dance along with alternative fusion. You will be focusing on strength, isolation and flexibility.  The class teaches you how to use muscles to move your body and how to intensely isolate your body using each muscle, learning to focus on several muscles, from innercostal muscles to obliques to quads.  In this class you will learn to fuse different styles including gothic, lyrical, swing and put it together with strength and dynamic isolation.
TAUGHT BY: Fvorboda

Beginning Urban Tribal 1-3
Beginning Urban Tribal classes are designed to introduce students to the basics of Urban Tribal style belly dance.  Urban Tribal is a tribal fusion dance incorporating non-traditional movements and music, more angular and muscular dancing, as well as other dance styles such as alternative, hip-hop, and modern dance.
TAUGHT BY: Myhrkeeri, Fvorboda

Intermediate Urban Tribal 1-3
Intermediate Urban Tribal is a continuation of the Urban Tribal/Tribal Fusion style designed to teach a variety of new moves and incorporate more of the beginning movements into a structured choreography.  Intermediate Urban Tribal introduces you to Floorwork and back extensions to prepare you for more intensity in future tribal fusion classes.
PRE-REQUISITES: One Beginning Urban Tribal class is required.
TAUGHT BY: Fvorboda

Advanced Urban Tribal 1-3
Advanced Urban Tribal class incorporates some of the harder movements and finishing touches of the Urban Tribal style.  Students learn techniques and structure which can be used in solo and group performances.  Advanced Urban Tribal increases strength and flexibility as moves are better defined and techniques become more complex..
PRE-REQUISITES: One Beginning Urban Tribal Class and One Intermediate Urban Tribal class is required.
TAUGHT BY: Fvorboda


Several Technique classes are offered to increase knowledge and skill in Belly Dance.  Students can pick and choose which classes they would like to learn, or learn them all.
   FLOORWORK Level 1 & 2
The Floorwork Level 1 class is designed to introduce students to the basics of floor work in conjunction with beginning and intermediate belly dance movements.  The Level 1 class teaches you the proper stretching and posture for muscles, ligaments, and tendons and includes movements such as level changes, lunges, slides, and sit-turns.  This is a low-medium level class with some medium level leg exercises with focus on proper joint preparation.  The Level 2 class is designed for advancement and mastery of the floorwork technique in conjuction with more advanced bellydance movement.  Level 2 movements include all of level 1 plus planks, full undulations and floor rotations, and turkish drops.  This is a medium-high level class with some high-level leg exercises with focus on continued joint structure.
These classed can be easily adjusted for personal fitness and flexibility levels.  Floor mats will be available for students to use.  Students may also want to bring knee pads, socks and foot pads.
Learn compulsory ribbon elements that include flicks, circles, snakes, spirals, and throws.  Dancing with a ribbon is a unique way to add smooth and sharp extensions to your belly dance performance.
Skirt Technique teaches students the flow of skirts dances from Tradition Egyptian and Tribal style, as well as some Spanish flare.  The complete dance choreography teaches students combinations, direction sense, spins, and proper handling of skirts while dancing.
The Sword Technique class is designed to introduce students to the basics of sword balancing in conjunction with beginning and intermediate belly dance movements.  This is a low-impact class with some medium-level floorwork exercises.  This class can be easily adjusted for personal fitness levels and floorwork is not required.  Some swords will be available for students to practice with, however bringing your own sword to class is preferred.  The Floorwork Level 1 is recommended along with this class.
Veils are an extension of the body.  Students will learn proper use of veils and proper veil technique from the delicate movements used with silk veils to the more aggressive handling of heavy veils.  Veil work is a high-intensity arm and shoulder work-out.  A few practive veils will be available for students to borrow during class, however it is recommended that students purchase their own veils (or fabric) for home practice.  Veils may be available for purchase.
   VOI (Veil-Poi)
Voi is the prop used by belly dancers to spin poin with a beautiful veil attached.  Learn entrances, exits and tucks, spinning as well as safety to get the most out of your performance with Veil Poi.
The Zill Technique class is designed to introduce students to the basics of using finger cymbals with belly dance movements.  This is a beginning level class to start using basic zill rhythms along with dance choreography.  Some zills will be available for students to borrow during class, but it is highly recommended that students purchase their own zills for home practice.  Zills may be available for purchase.
PRE-REQUISITES: One Beginning Bellies Class is required for all Technique classes.  One Intermediate Bellies class is recommended.


Specialized classes have been developed to teach students more details about belly dancing, different styles, movement breakdown, etc.  Students can pick and choose which classes they would like to learn, or learn them all.
Want an aerobic workout that challenges your body and mind?  Belly Burn is designed to keep you moving while training your mind with new techniques and combinations.  This class puts basic belly dance moves to fast-paced music to get your blood pumpin and body movin'!  This class is for any fitness level--stick with the basics for a healthy workout, or upgrade the steps for more advanced combinations. 
Increasing your strength and endurance is what this class is all about.  Let 'Boda help you find muscles you didn't know you had in this 'physical training'-type class.  Beginners to Body Builders welcome!  This is a multi-level class that you decide what level to take it! ("Body by Boda" shirts coming soon! *wink*)
Students will be taught the basics of choregraphy development.  We listen to a variety of sounds and discuss what movements would fit.  We discuss how to balance out body work and dance structure, and eliminate repetition.  Students will be taught flow from one dance to another and how to keep each movement within the style and story you are trying to portray.
These classes breaks down basic belly dance into more defined and exact movements, as well as introduces new moves and combinations.  This class teaches a lot of body mechanics, muscle understanding, and brain training, discussing how the body and mind work and learn in dance.  Students will be taught which areas of the body control which moves and learning the difference between skeletal and muscular movement.  There is no dance choreography for this class.
The Styles and History teaches students about Folkloric dance, Amercian Tribal style, Traditional Egyptian, Urban Tribal, and the fusion styles, along with the history of Belly Dance and how it began.  This specialized class is a brief introduction of each style.
PRE-REQUISITES: One Beginning class required; One Intermediate class recommended.

OTHER BELLY DANCE CLASSES INCLUDE Intermediate and Advanced levels of Cabaret, Cabaret and Drum Improvisation, Lyrical Fusion, and several workshop opportunities!

Got questions?  Want to request a class?  Send us an email!

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